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Putra® Global 200

Putra® Global 200 (PG200) is one of important aspiration in UPM's Strategic Plan 2014-2020, it is UPM's commitment to be in the list of 200 best universities in the world in the assessment of the QS World University Ranking 2020. UPM initiatives through PG200 will not just improve UPM's achievement in global ranking but it will also benefit directly to universities and countries as follows:

  • To produce a quality graduate with an added value and global status, thereby improving the competitiveness of graduates in the job market
  • To highlight UPM's scholar reputation especially in research exploration, discovery and development of knowledge as well as producing technology and innovation for the prosperity of society and the progress of the country
  • To be a destination of study and referral centre at the international level
  • Enhance high-performance culture among UPM communities and
  • Attract investment in the generation of income and support the excellence of UPM activities


UPM 's main strategy in PG200 is focusing on the important aspects assessed by QS University Ranking, the indicator measured in QS Asia University Ranking, QS World University Ranking dan QS World University Ranking by Subjects. The indicators are:

  • Score in academic reputation study
  • Score in employer reputation study
  • Number of international students
  • Number of international lecturers
  • Number of lecturers with PhD qualifications
  • Number of citations (research)
  • Number of H-Index (research)
  • Number of publications (research)
  • Lecturer and student ratio
  • Number of students for inbound mobility program
  • Number of students for outbound mobility program


The strategy and direction of the PG200 in the UPM Strategic Plan 2014-2020 is translated into the diagram below:

Updated:: 20/01/2021